Tax Resolution

If you have ever gotten one of those scary looking notices from the IRS or your state taxing authority, telling you they never got your 2018 tax return and you owe $20,000 in taxes and penalties, you know what it can mean to have a firm like Westwood Tax on your side. We can make sense of what those notices say and contact the taxing authorities on your behalf to clear it all up. And if you do in fact owe money or need to file outstanding returns or amend previously filed ones, we can negotiate for you to minimize your tax liability and get you caught up and on the right track.

Audit Defense

At Westwood Tax & Consulting LLC, we understand how nerve wrecking an audit can be and we are here to help you navigate the process every step of the way. Whether you’re an individual or a business, whether the audit is for income tax, sales and use tax, payroll tax, residency, or any other type, we can help you organize the necessary paperwork, respond to document and information requests, and explain your position to the taxing authorities. You don’t have to face an audit alone!