Bookkeeping is essential to running a successful business and keeping your financial documents organized and accurate. However, it can become quite complex and time-consuming, especially as you scale your business. We offer professional bookkeeping services that will save you time and keep your records accurate, organized, and easy to read. At Westwood Tax & Consulting, we’ll handle the day-to-day bookkeeping and organizing so you can focus on what’s really important: running and growing your business.


QuickBooks is a fantastic tool for keeping track of financial information and organizing it in a way that moves your business forward. Knowing your business’s financial standing at any moment in time and staying organized are key to operating a successful business and Quickbooks can help you do that – but only if used properly. That’s where Westwood Tax & Consulting comes in.

We can help you setup, learn, and use QuickBooks efficiently and effectively. Our resident Quickbooks Pro Advisor can show you all of the features, tips, and tricks so you can get the most out of it.

Westwood Tax & Consulting offers a multitude of solutions to help meet your QuickBooks needs, including:

Quickbooks Tutorials

Interested in learning the ins and outs of QuickBooks? One of our expert team members would be glad to help you, one-on-one, or with several individuals from your organization. We can provide an in-depth training session that will help you and your team master QuickBooks.


We can assist you in the initial setup of QuickBooks, including: EasyStep Interview, Preferences, Lists, Customers, Vendors, Employees, Banking, Chart of Accounts, and Reports. If you’re an experienced QuickBooks user, we can help you run your business more effectively by optimizing your current setup with the proper features.


Running into issues with QuickBooks? Our QuickBooks support service will help you solve any issue. We can assist you with installation, setup, operational assistance, or anything else you might need. In addition to our expert support, we can also provide accounting and payroll assistance to you.


Are you looking for an accounting and payroll expert to ensure your transactions, accounts, and reports are accurate and error-free? At Westwood Tax & Consulting, we can review your QuickBooks information to ensure your financial information is relevant, reliable, and received on time by being error-free. We’ll inform you of any corrections or adjustments that need to be made to your financial information. This means that the financial information you receive reflects the correct financial condition of your business, and you can make the proper decisions based on that information. We can conduct a review at any time, but encourage you to have monthly reviews to ensure you’re receiving consistent information and feedback about your business.